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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Ihar and lins introduction to research an lit review

Hi guys back again,
I know i wont be able to keep doin this every day but while its fresh in the mind there is no time like the present, although i have forgotten sum stuff already :-/ . Ok so today we had our first hr with ihar, i enjoyed it as i got to ,know a bit about ihar an you guys, but also as lins said we were NORMING which is part of the theory from TUCKMAN (not sure bout spelling) of group working> see link
http://www.infed.org/thinkers/tuckman.htm  . Also from ihar I got a few questions that i needed to start thinking about such as why, when , how, where, who I know these are pretty simple questions to ask but its remembering the simplist things that i sometimes forget about!  we also got a reminder of the heritage site an the info about all the new ebooks which have been added, great for time saving an leisurely reading, no pressure to return books as they are online! sorted and again the reminder of ATHENS. great recap for us i thought.
During lins session i gained a lot of info not just for her part of the course but for other parts too, links to theorists such as BERNSTEIN FOR THE OBS OF CHILD for fionna .
Other theorists I will list below as i myself find it easier to read a short sentance than to get lost in a paragraph of them!
JOHN DEWEY :- miss-education or education. ie, do you tell a child that all flowers are red or do you tell them that the come in all different colours?
this could also link to PIAGET and his schemas,ie tell a child that juice is in a blue cup constantley, but then child goes to granmas an gets juice in a green cup, the child will insist that there is no juice in the green cup beacuse juice comes in a blue cup, some chldren with maybe attention disorder may refrain from drinking out of that cup because of that dissorder where others would actually try the juice in a green cup after some persuassion.
VYGOTSKY'S  PRODUCTS: Internalize/ externalize, if you dnt externalize then you cant learn. i think this relates to merging technologies  but willhave to ask nxt week.
HOWARD JARCHE :- Context is as important as content (you know me + i know you)
SKINNER:- BEHAVIOURISM------------------------ these two forms of learning when compared with
PIAGET, BRUNER, GAGNE : CONECTIONISM---- itc are outdated so the possible new form is below
STEPHEN DADS + GEORGE SEMANS :- CONNECTIVISM like a spider web, gaining from different sources to learn and different people (NODES). BRONFENBRENNER could also be connected with this form, in his theory of macro ,meso, micro systems.

So they were the theorists i got from todays session some i will have to look up others i wont, I also learnt about TRIANGULATE  which i think is going to be usefull in an exam, three points of call for my research these being

                                                                 MY OWN

                             OBSERVATIONS                           EXPERT IN THE
                              STATISTICS                                      FIELD

To be able to conduct an acedemic research programme ALL three of these must be included, my own primary research (qualitive)  this could be enthrographic (one on one interview with person), teamed with hard facts (quantative)  from an expert in the field  AND these must be contextualised (background evidence/information). Using this triangulative method will give a solid structure to any research project, it will also allow me to be able to poke holes in other (secondary) research/evidence in an academic way allowing me to so my ability to disect an review other lit.

second to last b4 you all fall asleep (eeeek!!) EDUCATION IS DRIVEN BY NEED: this links to MASLOW and his heirachy of needs to reach self actualisation.

And last but not least CONNECTIVISM  has always been around, its just now by using ITC that its a much more faster an easier way of communication between learners, which links to change in society which also leads onto the bigger picture of GLOBALISATION OF TECHNOCAPITALISM.
ok guys thats enough for one night, i am startin to wonder if they are gonna bar me or start chargin me for the amount of space am using on this site? i wonder would they charge for space or characters? hmmm.......
peace out guys v

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  1. I know you wrote this ages ago, but I like how you use the blog to rehearse from the days learning I think I might try that at some point.