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hi, I am a mature student studying for a degree in early childhood studies, i start at warwick campus in 2010 if i make it through my second year! All this is new to me, previously worked as a composite engineer, I left school with a couple of qualifications and never imagined that i would be working towards completing a degree! The formalities out the way i am funloving, i like to go out socialising with friends, i like meetin new people too, I can't describe myself in just one word and i think i would run out of characters if i did try! heinze 57 as me dad would say ;-). so yeah you will read good things, bad things, confusing things, informative things all on this here little blog. I must confess now though i am not the greatest at keeping on top of blogs xx peace out guys v

Thursday, 24 September 2009


yes guys,
am back! this aint bad for me, pretty close together, could catch on this bloggin lark (cough cough). so yeah anyways today went to college on a mission to get meself enrolled as recieved an email from a friend on the course telling us that we needed to go in to college to get new id card! yes new id card, they can afford all this new technology but they cant afford a stamp or even a spare two mins to mail everyboday individually and let them know the process for re -enrolling! yeah am pissed (not drunk unfortunatley- angry) lack of info as to when we could actually go back an use facilities, lack of info as to when we should enroll online, do we enrol online for warwick or go over in person? do they need the same gumf this year ie; final student loan acceptance, new id card for warwick? luckily i have used my initiative and enrolled online only cos i seen my ex do it last year!, but do i need to go over an hand in the letter? will i get my funds if i dont? no proper info about moodle, an yeah i am an adult, but i still need sum direction no good pissin in the dark is it?! from what i have heard there are a few of us with a beef about this, so i think maybe we should have a word. oh an its no good tryin to contact warwick, there fave form of connection is through email WHICH DOESNT EVEN WORK! that goes for lecturers as well as i spoke to brian today an he was also fined for havin books out that he didnt know he shouldnt have had out! *breathes* ahhhh, thats better. Right rant over all good now, so yeah went to college today, felt good to walk back through them doors, urrgh! did i really say that? eeek yep i did, my brain has felt like its been slowly melting, how did i go for soooo so long without educating myself?! neways i maxed out my library limit 8 books in total, only two or three from the suggested reading list cos i couldnt find any of the others, so picked sum meself, came home, read sum then watched a dvd, cos as of nxt week that will become an impossible mission! by crimbo i really wont want to read another acedemic book, i will have had them to the back teeth an i will be moanin of how bored of them i am an how hard it is to digest the info blah blah blah, but i love it, i really do. on a happy note HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIJA for tomora cant wait for cocktails an cake!! woop woopo sod the diet we can start on monday hahahaha x peace out guys v


  1. That was a rant! atleast I can learn from your/nwhc/warwicks mistakes being the year below!
    I can't wait either, but doesn't feel like my birthday, just sooooooo happy induction week will be over that is worth celebrating!:)

  2. hahaha, i know lol, yeah but we went for it dint we hahaha, were's all the alchfrol gone? its in my tummy! lol