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hi, I am a mature student studying for a degree in early childhood studies, i start at warwick campus in 2010 if i make it through my second year! All this is new to me, previously worked as a composite engineer, I left school with a couple of qualifications and never imagined that i would be working towards completing a degree! The formalities out the way i am funloving, i like to go out socialising with friends, i like meetin new people too, I can't describe myself in just one word and i think i would run out of characters if i did try! heinze 57 as me dad would say ;-). so yeah you will read good things, bad things, confusing things, informative things all on this here little blog. I must confess now though i am not the greatest at keeping on top of blogs xx peace out guys v

Monday, 21 September 2009

copy an paste ( this is from the new blog i set up) so sum of it is new an sum old plz dnt subscribe to the new blog cos i wont blogg on there it will be on here!


so ave just spent the past hr or so settin up another blog when i already had this blog on here! the last thing i really wanna be doin right now is writting on it! i know that sounds bad but am tired (late night last night) an need to rest my brain! haha. So fortunately for you lot this is gonna be a quicky, ;-)I have already completed my first year so when i go back at the end of the month i will be starting my second yr, and thats when it really counts, so my socks are gonna be well an truly pulled up! my thoughts recently have drifted onto the fact that i have been on holiday since june!! i feel as though my brain is just melting away, that was untill i was reminded that we had work to do, so over the next week or so i got my work cut out makin sure everything is in place for goin back as i fear that if i dont land back down running i will fall behind and this is a year i defo cant do that in!. dnt get me wrong i have enjoyed the time off cos at the end of last yr i thought my head was going to explode! so much new info, such small brain capacity!

on that note am off, am sick of carrying these bags around with me so sum vital shut eye is required

peace out v

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