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hi, I am a mature student studying for a degree in early childhood studies, i start at warwick campus in 2010 if i make it through my second year! All this is new to me, previously worked as a composite engineer, I left school with a couple of qualifications and never imagined that i would be working towards completing a degree! The formalities out the way i am funloving, i like to go out socialising with friends, i like meetin new people too, I can't describe myself in just one word and i think i would run out of characters if i did try! heinze 57 as me dad would say ;-). so yeah you will read good things, bad things, confusing things, informative things all on this here little blog. I must confess now though i am not the greatest at keeping on top of blogs xx peace out guys v

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

feedback from first essay

well, had a lecture today from Brain, interesting and informative as ever, there was a lot to take in and me being me had the worst luck of me pen drying up! so had to type all my notes up as i went! bummer. Although it was quite good as all my spelling was right! hehe, god knows what they are gona think when they see my hand written notes, thats if they can read them! really need to sort out some form of english study and soon, think if anything is gonna let me down in my exams, other than forgetting everything through sheer terror, my spelling and grammer will!
I got my feedback today from my essay on Child Poverty, was pleased with the feedback i was given, as i was expecting a lot worse! I need to take more care when proof reading, making sure all the full stops and capital letters are in the right palce, my referencing needs a big brush up i think, again little things like checking i have started with a CAPITAL letter for names of authors. Some sentences didnt make sense, or should i say they did make sense to me but they wouldnt to an outsider who would be reading it. On the positive side if i keep up the effort and keep my head down i could potentially be looking at a first for my degree! which i am well chuffed with. I certainly was not expecting that. I think some people take me the wrong way, as i come across as quite confident as i speak out a lot in lectures, but its just the best way for me to learn and understand what i am taking in, underneath i have the same if not more worries about everything that everyboday else has - Am i working hard enough? am i going in the right direction? is the work i am producing at an acceptable level for the course i am doin? all these things are constantly in my head especially when we have a new essay or presentation to do.
on a lighter note i got a rebate from my council office for over paid council tax! bonus!
see ya's x

Monday, 12 January 2009

new new new

Hi there,

This is my first blog on blogspot, not too good at blogging to be quite honest, but seen as though it may help me in my quest for a brighter future then so be it, i am unreliable, late and immature for my age, not in an annoying way i dont think, but nevertheless, i have told you now rather than later!
Ok so hi kat if you are reading, i checked out yours thought it was so good i would do my own! although my one at warwick is still goin (although only about two entries :-( . ) so i make a kinda of promise to myself to keep this one up!

Well lots to do, so little time to do it in, so am off
be bloggin soon xxx