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hi, I am a mature student studying for a degree in early childhood studies, i start at warwick campus in 2010 if i make it through my second year! All this is new to me, previously worked as a composite engineer, I left school with a couple of qualifications and never imagined that i would be working towards completing a degree! The formalities out the way i am funloving, i like to go out socialising with friends, i like meetin new people too, I can't describe myself in just one word and i think i would run out of characters if i did try! heinze 57 as me dad would say ;-). so yeah you will read good things, bad things, confusing things, informative things all on this here little blog. I must confess now though i am not the greatest at keeping on top of blogs xx peace out guys v

Sunday, 4 October 2009

PRIMARY REVIEW makes me rattled!

hey guys back again,

the title of this blogg may be a bit misleading, as im not really goin to talk about the review as such more about a debate that was hosted by the institute of education on the 3rd of this month, broadcast on BBC Radio 4. As we were asked to find info on the cambridge primary report by Robin Alexander, and also to look at the Sir Jim rose report of which i have and havent done yet, I am planning on buying the report (robin's, £35.00 from roultage) but in my search i came across this debate. Now during this debate they did cover the 6 areas of core subjects and blah de blah, but what really got my back up was a statement made by Dr. Sheila lawler, her stament was that the current intake of students for BA(hons) in teaching are not up to standard, she said that most students who have been accepted are just not up to the standard, they have maybe two g.c.s.e but no A
levels and that people like this should not be accepted onto a BA(hons) for teaching!!!. My question to her would be WHY have'nt they got these qualifications that are so desperately needed according to her? my answer to this would be to say that it is the govenments fault, they caused this lack of qualifications by the way in which they had teachers teach childrent from that era!. Now I myself as you can probably tell did not finish secondary school with many qualifications, I have been thinking about this more since tuesdays' lesson with Brian, when he asked us to fill in the questionaire about school etc. What do I remember from school, my reply was not a lot, yet if i think hard about it which i have been doing then i can remember my 11 plus, i was scared, sweaty palms, couldnt wait for it to be over, remember my mum saying oh its ok if you dnt pass dnt worry sweetie (as if she had no hope in the first place, my sister was always the tryer, i spent most of my juniors cleaning the toilets at any given chance!) So results in and my parents were asked to go to school, they had recieved a letter from my school with regard to my test results, i didnt have a clue what was going on and to be honest i doubt very much they did to, so I was borderline pass, they and i was told i could go to a grammer school (wirral grammer school for girls) or i could decline the offer and go to "state school" (south wirral high) when i got home i didnt really chat that much about it, all i could think of was how many of my mates where going to be there, my sister wasnt going to be there, and not many of my friends either, pluss it was about 20mins drive from my house where as southy was only a 15min walk, and as my dad said you would rather be at the top of one than the bottom of another, so that was it off to southy with my mates i went. Something recently on facebook of all places got me thinking again about school and "sets" from this there has sprouted a reunion because of the response this status comment produced, the statement was as follows :- F.R.A.C.T.I.O.N.S. Which set where you in? so this fractions was the category for which set you where in- none of us where supposed to know that this was the key word, so i was in R not that i could remember but other girls in my class remembered, which was middle top, obviously s being bottom bottom, so how can a child at the age of 11 going on 12 stay in the top set of mathematics, english, blah blah for 4-5 yrs then fail all her exams? surely if i was no good i would have been dropped a set or two during reviews! but no, so why did i fail my exams? i dnt know to this day i dnt know, but that then sets you up for life, i never went onto sixth form i went straight out and got a job, which i stayed in for the next 13yrs of my life. Making components for aircrafts that will carry hundreds of people or F1 cars that will travel up to 200mph isnt for the thicko brained, i had to read technical engineering drawings, sometimes designing lay-ups and contributing to designs, now surely if i was as thick as my G.C.S.E's have made me out to be there is no way i would have been able to stay on top in a game like that for as many yrs!. My point of this being is that due to the interference of the govenment and the way in which they wanted our national curriculum to be taught led me to fail my exams, and listening to the bradcast makes me extreamly worried, children are an empty slate as the theorist (cant remember name) once proclaimed and this makes me so concerned for children who are now stuck in our so called education system, they are like skinners rats, theorists in the 70's carried out experiments on children, that is no seen as unethical intodays world to take a child and plce them under observation or do tests on them BUT THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT OUR GOVERNMENT IS DOING WITH OUR CHILDREN! but because its them that are doing it makes it ok! i think it was nixon that once said "if its the president thats doing it, it not illegal" I think that this works for our government and a lot of the so called educationalists as well, i know there are good people out there who work well with children and have positive influences on them but there are a lot of peopleout there who dnt know the consequences of their actions. Like Brian put on the board MICRO and MACRO, the macro system controlls our micro world, they make or break people with the decisions they make, so much for free will, when we are constantly controlled by people who do not know what they are doing!! I have a suggestion mr politician lets murder all male children in 2010 because erm there are too many males in this world Mr politician says AH yes MISS JOHNSON i think you are right i shall make a policy for that! bloody farse it is and its our children who are suffering the consequences. Dr Haze from Derby uni said SEAL social, emotional aspects of learning is not a good idea, he thinks this is dangerous, as children are more focused on themselves and how they are feeling rather than others around them, could this lead to self-centredness? what will these children be like when they grow up? would they walk past an old lady in the street who has fallen over because they are upset themselves and dont have the time to stop an help her up? will there be a community? or will people just be concerned about themselves? could this self-centredness lead to a lack of reproduction? I cant deal with myself let alone a child scenario? what will happen then if there is no "next" generation? what will the government do then? is that why they are allowing test tube babies? to "top up" the population for economic gain or sustainability? who knows? only time will tell.
ahhhhhhh and breathe, sorry bout that rant but tha really pissed me off excuse the french! (yep did french failed that an all got a D, top set in that as well!!)
peace out guys v

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