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hi, I am a mature student studying for a degree in early childhood studies, i start at warwick campus in 2010 if i make it through my second year! All this is new to me, previously worked as a composite engineer, I left school with a couple of qualifications and never imagined that i would be working towards completing a degree! The formalities out the way i am funloving, i like to go out socialising with friends, i like meetin new people too, I can't describe myself in just one word and i think i would run out of characters if i did try! heinze 57 as me dad would say ;-). so yeah you will read good things, bad things, confusing things, informative things all on this here little blog. I must confess now though i am not the greatest at keeping on top of blogs xx peace out guys v

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

forgot all about this

Hmmm Hello there,

Yes not really kept up with my promise have I? oops sorry, i will try, its just that i forgot where my blog was :-s Anyways, yes agree with kat sooo much to do sooo little time. exam nerves are not too bad after a few in depth revision sessions with lin, I would so not have a coat peg without her! still no coat peg from brian though tryin to go through my notes, am thinkin sue palmer and welfare state/ child poverty for the "main issues" of childhood but not sure, defo gonna have a chat wit super brian (when we eventually see him again- kangeroo flu is the word on the street!) and try and ask him to be more specific in what we are aiming for. Thanks to jen for her notes, big help for christines exam revision.
Only one presentation left to do on the 11th of this month, for brain, positive aspects of childhood in the 21st century, not too worried about that i dont think, we have done that many! on a lighter note and away from the academics I got a doggie the other day and he is wicked, a lab, 5mths , really sweet ;-) so been kick startin my fitness phase by walkin him everywhere!! my ar*e is killin me! lol.
Right thats it for now, i only got on here cos i was on moodle but now i have found it again i will keep it up x


  1. Just sending good luck vibes for the exam - They are not as bad as you think (honestly!) (4th time I've wrote that on a blog...am sure I'm convincing myself rather than you lot!!)
    All the best to you....

  2. haha, i know am about 4 mths late but thanks for that if you have read my latest blog you will know why! hahaha x